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Cottonwood Arizona is a unique, exciting vacation spot, but also a great place to live, and a very historically rich area. In 1874 soldiers from Camp Verde were stationed at an adobe house, but at that time there was no name for the present town of Cottonwood (where the house existed). As settlers moved in and the community developed, it took its name from a circle of sixteen large cottonwoods growing about one-quarter of a mile away from the Verde River. Malaria and dysentery were severe problems as mosquitoes rose in thick clouds from stagnant pools left by receding floods from the river. Nevertheless, by 1879, several families had settled there and the town of Cottonwood was founded. The adobe building formerly used by soldiers became a schoolhouse. By 1917, the town was booming and is still thriving today.

With mild winters and warm summer temperatures, Cottonwood is perfect for those who enjoy living in an area where they can take advantage of the outdoors Ė all year long. With jagged peaks and crimson sandstone cliffs as a backdrop, Cottonwood is a small, peaceful community, with a population of 5,500, and is the hub of the beautiful Verde Valley. Located 3300 feet above sea level, the beautiful Verde River runs through the town of Cottonwood. The river is lined with the old majestic Cottonwood trees that gave the town its name. Cottonwood has much more to offer, however, than good weather. Surrounded by several distinctive golf courses, convenient shopping centers, plazas, fine restaurants, professional offices and businesses, and affordable housing makes Cottonwood an ideal retirement spot. With good schools and terrific recreational, historical and cultural attractions nearby, itís also a good place to raise a family. Cottonwood is the trade center for the Verde Valley. There are numerous services and manufacturing facilities in town, and a rich agricultural, livestock and mining district surrounds it. It also has a quaint Historic Old Town district that is popular with visitors.

If youíre considering a permanent move to Cottonwood, youíll find it to be a friendly, safe community with much to offer. The community is growing and offers all the amenities required to meet family, social and educational requirements, yet it still retains its small town feel. There are excellent medical facilities available in Cottonwood, one high school, five elementary schools and two post-secondary college facilities. The community support for schools is strong, and so is parent involvement. There have been numerous prestigious scholarships awarded to Verde Valley students with over 1.5 million dollars in scholarships awarded last year. Many styles of housing are available in the Cottonwood area at a variety of price ranges. The town of Cottonwood is located in northern Arizona only 130 miles from Phoenix, 40 miles from Flagstaff, 8 miles from Jerome, 16 miles from Sedona and 50 miles from Prescott. The Grand Canyon is an easy day trip from Cottonwood.


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